Monday, September 13, 2010

Are YOU Afraid To Breast Feed?

It’s a known fact that having kids changes our breasts.  They get saggy and droopy.  Unfortunately, it happens and we pretty much all know that.  
But what causes these saggy breasts?  Is it the pregnancy or is it breast feeding?  I’ve recently learned that a lot women are unclear of this.
Let’s set the record straight.  It’s not breast feeding that causes breasts to sag.  Changes happen to our breasts during the actual pregnancy that causes this.  So wether you breast feed or not, unfortunately, you will notice your breasts losing their youthfulness.  
It’s just one of the prices we pay to bring wonderful children into the world!
I read a recent study by and here are the findings that I found interesting:
  • One third of young women have decided not to breast feed their babies because they do not want to "ruin the look" of their breasts.
  • Some 49% of the 18 to 25-year-olds questioned by said they did not plan to breast feed, with 32% citing vanity as their main reason.
  • Of these, more than half were worried that their partner would find them less attractive, while a quarter were concerned about losing their body confidence.
I wish all these ladies understood that it is NOT breast feeding that is going to “ruin the look” of their breasts.  I wish they understood the many benefits associated with breast feeding.  Mother’s milk is incredible healthy for baby.  Also, breast feeding actually helps ladies return to their pre-pregnancy body faster.
These ladies are more concerned with their own bodies than their baby’s health.  Or perhaps they just don’t realize the truth.  
I think we need to help educate ladies that breast feeding is a good thing, and should be seen that way - not as something that is going to negatively affect mother’s bodies.
I have a suggestion to all those ladies who are so concerned about their breasts losing their perkiness and getting saggy ...
Enjoy your pregnancy and how your body changes.  Enjoy the added health benefits to your baby ... and the bonding with your child ... that comes with breast feeding.  Enjoy it all!  Having a baby is such a wonderful gift.  Being a mom is a blessing.  Truly enjoy the experience.
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